Course Builder Quiz Data



Does anyone know how to obtain the data for quizzes from course builder? I currently have Google Analytics tracking set up for some of my training apps but it only tracks how long someone was on a quiz not how they answered or how many attempts they had. 


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey Ashleigh,

    If you have this set up within GA successfully, I would recommend setting up the connector to the exact configuration you have within GA for import. If the specifications are not present, you can export the data from GA and upload it into your Domo environment using the File Upload connector. 


    If both of those options are not avaialble or suitable, then I would recommend sending this feedback to Domo's product team.



  • I already have GA connected using the connector. I have not set up anything yet for quizzes within GA itself. The issue is there is no metric saying "quiz data" or along those lines. I have some dimensions and some metrics for reading page timing, user ID, landing page, etc. I wanted to see if anyone already had a custom report made for measuring quiz data. 

  • @amyc please have a look at this thread on Course Builder. 


  • I was able to find some info using the event metrics.