How we can limit the number of rows in api call



I am trying to access data of dataset using api and fetched the data using below api.{DATASET_ID}/data


But it provide all the data, How we can limit the number of rows in api call?
Please provide us the link if have any.



  • dthierjung

    You can potentially leverage the column filter options as listed at the top of this page, but it doesn't explicitly state the number of rows that you can retrieve: 



    I don't think they offer the capability to limit the row return count just yet though for the Dataset API.

  • WHM
    WHM Contributor

    You can user the "query a dataset" version of the dataset API. It works great for aggregating data, even from large datasets. here is a powershell example of the query:


    $query = '{"sql": "select sum(gross_sales_less_returns) from table where fiscal_date = '+"'" +$Yesterday +"'::DATE group by fiscal_date"+'"}'


    The call then looks like this:


    $data = Invoke-RestMethod -Method POST -Uri "$datasetId" -body $query -Headers $headers -ContentType 'application/json;charset=UTF-8'

    I check the amount of yesterday's sales in case something broke upstream and my dataset updated with nothing from yesterday before sending out reports. 


    Hope that helps. 



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