card run time parameter


Does DOMO support runtime parameters for Cards.  IE when a user opens a card they are prompted for the 'number of days to report on'.  Then the value they entered is used in a beastmode calculation and the report is displayed.


  • AS

    Man, that would be cool, but currently that's not part of the default card functionality.
    You could probably code an app to do something like that. 

    You could create a webform dataset to update that value, and use the webform in a dataflow with your card's dataset.  That workflow would be a bit clumsy, but it could work as well.

    Or, you could set up a beast mode to use as a filter, like a "days since today" value (like DATEDIFF(CURDATE(),`trx_date`) ) , and enter the filter as, for example, <=14 to filter all rows within the last two weeks from today.

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