Disable automatic column type.

How can I stop DOMO from automatically determine column type?

I have lots of column that are actually text but has numeric value..
I need it be loaded as text but DOMO automatically thinks it's number
I don't want to have to create another ETL flow to replace comma from each columns, need to keep original dataset with correct columns type.
Can somebody help, please?

Thank you.


  • Hello,


    Could you provide a little more detail? Like how are you currently loading in this data (ie: Domo Workbench, google sheets, etc.)? 



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  • Thank you for looking into this. My original data in in CSV file that gets emailed to DOMO by internal processes. I know I could fix this by ETL process in DOMO but we are trying avoid having multiple Datasets (raw and transformed) because we are going to lots of this.

    Thank you.


  • My original thought was the csv format was automatically converting your columns but even when I uploaded an xlsx file I received the same result. It seems like the file uploader in Domo converts anything that looks like a number to a number and anything that looks like a date to a date.


    You can use the google sheets connector to import and Domo will ingest the exact format in the google sheet.


    Other than that, you will most likely have to create a transform step and convert the column types.



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  • jstan
    jstan Contributor

    We have had similar issues with the emailer, Google Sheets and Excel files.  Some things that we have done.


    • If you can modify the report to add a row below the header row, add another row that simply has alpha characters for text fields and a number for number fields.  So we put Text in fields we want treated as strings and a number where it is a number.  Domo will automatically set a field to a string as long as there are alpha characters in one of the values.  
    • Bring it in via workbench (have it put somewhere on a shared drive or you can email it to a Box account and have Box installed on the workbench server) and set the schema types to string or numeric.  You can set workbench to check every 15 minutes for the file, or set a specific time.  You can also use windows scheduler to call the workbench job.



  • Thank you. Adding extra row should work as temporary work around.. 

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