create a custom connector to upload specific files




It is possible to develop a custom connector that upload a specific file extension (not csv), and do some work to transform it to csv ?


Where can i find an example for the uplaod action?


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  • Hi,


    You mean like File Upload Connector , but for custom extensions?



  • Any help here?


    Thank you ?

  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor

    Is the other file type, escentially a csv with a different extension?

    I get an .asf file from a website, but as it is equivalent to a csv adn simply change the extension using a script and then upload using workbench.

  • Thank you for response.

    Actualy, we have the software to tranform the file to a csv file. we made a plugin ti d that, and uplaod using workbench.


    But, we need that phase be invisible for the client : so, he just upload his file (at it's original extension), and then connector transform it.


    My question, is : it is possible to buil such connector like default connectors of Domo (csv, excel).


    Thank you ?

  • WHM
    WHM Contributor

    There is a .Net template for custom connectors that might be helpful. Check the SDK folder under your Domo Workbench installation. We do most of our pre-processing in bat files or js scripts before kicking off the workbench jobs. We use windows powershell to execute the javascript. lots of options... I guess the choice depends on what your mean by "invisible" to the client.

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