How to add percentage to stacked barchart when cursing over (not the hover value)


Currently in a 100% stacked bar chart, when a user hovers over a series, the absolute number hovers above the highlighted bars. How can this be a percentage of the total rather than absolute numbers? I'm not reffering to the 'Hover Text settings' which changes the 'call out bubble e.g %_SERIES_NAME (%_PERCENT_OF_CATEGORY)', but rather than values that sit ontop of the bars that aren't individually highlighted. 


Please see the screenshot for reference. 




  • AS

    Those are labeled as "hints" and I don' think you can change those.  You can, however, turn them off.  You can also change the data label settings (not hover label settings) to always show the text macro %_PERCENT_OF_CATEGORY so the percent of 100 always displays.  That's not what you've specifically requested but gets you the number you're looking for perhaps.

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