Duplicating Reports Based on One Variable


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My firm is in the process of building a series of cards that we schedule as a weekly report to get pushed out to the whole company.  The report is a collection of cards outlining property operting metrics.  We want to push the weekly report out showing the same metrics, but with the change of one major filter for each card - the specific property. 


Has anyone come across a method to duplicate the cards keeping all filters the same expect for one, in our case, the name of the property? Duplicating the cards and then editing each card to change the property across a large portfolio is innefficient and laborious.  


If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.


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    Domo doesn't have a native "copy and update one thing" type of function, but they've developed some internal card duplicating tools that might do some of what you want, which they might help you leverage.  Get in touch with your customer success manager and see if they will discuss some of those options.


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