Alias Name for columns in DOMO dataset to be viewed in analyzer drop down


I have a DOMO dataset which was uploaded using workbench. I want to give alias name for all columns in dataset which will be viewed in drop down menu when analyzer is turned on to filter the data viewed in collection of cards. Alias name alisas would be a clean way to present to end users in the card. 


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    In workbench on the dataset's Schema menu you can rename the source columns in the "Destination Column".  By default the destination column values are from the source values, but Domo lets you change them.  For example, from "emp_id" to "Employee ID".

    What you won't be able to do is have the source values come in to Domo and remain on the dataset and just have a list of aliases just for analyzer simplicity.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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