How to add labels to bar chart values so they appear on small cards on a page of cards?


Related to this article, is there a method to be able to show data labels on small cards (such as in a bar chart)? I have data labels outputting a value above each bar, but these are only visible when viewing a single card. I would also like the label values to appear when viewing a collection of cards on a page.





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    Can anybody help @jason-hc out?


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    Hello @jason-hc

    This is a great question. 

    Sadly when the card is set as small or medium you cannot see data labels.
















    However, if you hover over a selection, you can show the values. 2016-09-26_2212a.png

    At this time the only way to show data labels on a card, at the page level, is to make the card large. 

    This would be a great idea to post in the Idea Exchange Board .

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