API error


Hi! When I wanna get some data by API, auth is okay, but when requesting some methods - Required request body is missing: public org.springframework.http.ResponseEntity com.domo.gateway.api.stream.StreamController.create(com.domo.gateway.api.stream.Stream) throws java.io.IOException,java.net.URISyntaxException.

Whats wrong i do?


  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @digital out?


  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee


    I'm going to need a little more information.



    Which API are you using? Data, Streams, User?

    What's the exact call you are making?

    What headers are you passing in?


    From the sound of the error "Required request body is missing" - it sounds like a POST or PUT request is being made, but it is missing the body of said request.


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