Can i setup the workbench as a scheduling server

After watching the videos, I understand that the data sets can be setup and pushed to Domo via the workbench. Can i setup the jobs in the workbench as services which run as scheduled. Also is there a way to monitor if the job didn't run on time or failed.


Also when the workbench pushes the data to domo, where in domo does it store the data?


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  • Yes, Workbench can schedule jobs to automatically run, as long as the machine that Workbench is running on is up and running at the scheduled time. You can also receive notifications on success or failure of the jobs. 


    Data pushed up from Workbench goes into a specified Domo DataSet. You define the dataset when you set up the job in Workbench.


    This is a link to the Workbench section of the Help Center:


    There is a lot of great information about getting started with Workbench there. 



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