Publishing Slideshow


Couple questions about publishing reports:


1.  Is there a way to automate the "Publish as Slideshow" feature?

2.  Is there a way to only publish a certain "Collection" of page?  Or do you have to publish the whole page and then remove "X" out the cards you don't want?






  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,

    Can anybody help @rparise out?


  • rparise

    Any ideas?

  • KateVanBuskirk

    Unfortunately this is not currently an available function. (This is a great idea, and you can share it as an idea here:, you'll just want to verify there that it has not been submitted yet!)


    You have only the option to publish via the page itself. In Admin>Publications you have the opportunity to add and remove cards, stop publishing or delete the publication if you choose to change it at another time. 


    Some have claimed that when adding or removing a large volume of cards to one publication, that it is easier to set up the publication with one card initially, then to go into Admin>Publications and do the editing there to get what they want. 

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