How do you create a drill path that hyperlinks to an Opportunity inside Salesforce?


I have a Domo card that shows Top 5 deals, I'd like to be able to click on the opportunity and have it open that Opportunity inside of Salesforce. How can I do this?


  • kith_howes

    CONCAT('<a href="', `your opportunity field name`, '"&target="_blank">', `your account name field`, '</a>')


  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @kith_howes with their question?


  • byusteve

    re: kith_howes solution


    I use this all of the time within a BeastMode calculation. Works great. Makes Domo not only informative, but immediately actionable.

  • Hi kith.. could you please explain in detail.. thanks

  • Echelon
    Echelon Contributor

    Create a Beast Mode field, and use the below...update with your company information:


    CONCAT('<a href= URL',`Id`,' target = new> TEXT </a>')



    • URL = everything including and between the https:// and the .com in your Salesforce URL bar
    • Id = the field in your dataset that is representative of the Salesforce Opportunity, Account page, etc...what you're trying to link would look something like: 0063200001olpyv
    • TEXT = The words to show up in your Domo table, for users to click on for the link...I use "SF Oppty" for an Opportunity page


    I don't think I can break it down anymore for you - it's pretty easy once you can break down the "science" behind it.

  • IrynaZ
    IrynaZ Member

    Thanks for sharing this! I tried to create a field using your code to link to opps in SFDC and it doesn't seem to pull the SFDC id into the resulting url, here is my beast mode:


    CONCAT('<a href=""',`Id`,'target="_blank">',`Name`,'</a>')


    Id - SFDC id field

    Name - opportunity name

    It is creating a field with the correct name but the link is "" everywhere, so it links to our SFDC instance home page, not actual opportunities.

    What am I doing wrong?

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