Validating outputs of datasets and dataflows

Katie Member

I have complex cards that pull from different giant data sources and have multiple filters & formulas applied in the dataflow. The resulting graph sometimes doesn't gut-check and only after doing a cumbersome manual check against my original Excel file do I see that it was not pulling the desired information. 


How can I more efficiently validate the outputs shown in a card? 


  • Unknown

    You could consider putting "raw" table cards on the page to show the data in a simple table format. This allows for a quick scan (and filter) of the actual data. You could also select a common value field and make it the summary number so that you could quickly check to validate (count of rows, count of a certain dimension, sum of a certain value, etc). 

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @Katie, did Kung-fu_Panda's reply help you out?

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