Android App for Domo

If you are looking for the Domo App for Android users please visit the play store here.




  • Hi Dani, seems the link is to google.. However, in China, google is blocked. Is there anywhere else I can find the App? I also need the address for Apple App, much appreciate!
  • Daisy,


    One way around this may be to login to your corporate VPN and then try to access. This is a very good question and I will ask internally about a workaround.


    @AS, Daisy is a colleague of yours in China so maybe we can work together to assist.



  • AS
    AS Coach

    I had suggested using a VPN as well, but @DaisyH you might also try a different app store like Baidu.  I don't know if Domo is on those other stores, but it's worth checking out.  And @DaniBoy, if not, this is probably a systemic problem Domo will need to address as it expands internationally.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • Thanks Aaron!


    Yes, I have raised this internally and we will have to address it for the long haul as we expand globally!


    Great seeing you last week and congrats on your Sumo Award!