Ability to leave msgs for other users in edit mode but doesn't appear on Card?

Not sure if this is a question or suggestion for the guys at domo. Is there a way to do this in domo currently?


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    Can anybody help @ᕦò_óˇᕤ with their question?


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    There is the ability to add a description to the card, which doesn't always show up (depending on the card type), but does show up in card edit mode. You could also create a beast mode and name it with a name that begins with the number 1 (so that it sorts to the top) and then put a message in there. Those are workarounds, but there is not currently a feature specifically for that purpose. However, it is an excellent idea and I have created a feature request for our development team.


    Due to the nature of enhancement requests, I will be unable to provide an ETA if it is implemented and so will be unable to give any updates. However, I appreciate your suggestion so that we can continue to improve the customer experience.


    In addition to submitting the enhancement request, you are able to create suggestions in the Domo Dojo here: https://dojo.domo.com/t5/Ideas-Please-suggest-ideas-to/idb-p/Ideas. In this section, suggestions can be "liked" by other customers and updates will be intermittently provided about whether something will be implemented, and if so, when.



    Joe Ehat

    Domo Support

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    @ᕦò_óˇᕤ, did jehat's reply help answer your question?

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