Basic excel and google doc integration issues


How do we get the months in sequential and not alphabetical order, and not have the total on the graph? Honestly getting a simple spreadsheet or google doc in to a card in a viewable mannor seems almost impossible - what are we missing here? I have found nothing helpful online and this is somewhat of a show stopper for us if we can't get it figured out. 


  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee

    @caedmon - I think you best bet would be to use a BeastMode Calculation to do this.


    It would look something like this - 


    WHEN `Date Column' = January then 1
    WHEN `Date Column' = Febuary then 2
    WHEN `Date Column' = March then 3
    WHEN `Date Column' = April then 4
    WHEN `Date Column' = May then 5
    WHEN `Date Column' = June then 6
    WHEN `Date Column' = July then 7
    WHEN `Date Column' = August then 8
    WHEN `Date Column' = September then 9
    WHEN `Date Column' = October then 10
    WHEN `Date Column' = November then 11
    WHEN `Date Column' = December then 12
    ELSE 0

    Then you would sort the BeastMode and everything would end up in order.


    Now I'm no BeastMode expert, so the code above may not be perfect. I'd recommend checking out the BeastMode section - 

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @caedmon, did Bulloko's reply help you out?