Default Values for a column


Hi DOMO Community,

I want to put a column on a dataset that defaults to 0. That column will be updated by a python script to 1. But on new data rows being added, it still defaults to 0 without overwriting the 1 rows

Note that this will be in Magic ETL


  • Billobi
    Billobi Contributor

    What's the fashion that your data is coming in? Would you be OK with doing some sort of recursive/append that stands up the new column as zero on the new data rows side, but preserves the 1 setting on legacy rows that have been touched by the python script? Tough to tell without knowing more, but I'd anticipate some degree of separation of new rows (0) and existing rows (1) that are handled differently via some config of filters & appends.

  • AndreaLovesData

    A few questions:

    • Is the Python script updating the output dataset post-Magic ETL in order to update the column to 1?
    • Is the output then brought back into the dataflow as an input? (thus creating a recursive dataflow)
    • How are new rows added? (Via the original raw input dataset, perhaps?)
    • Are the new rows ever updates to historical rows? Or are they net new?

    I have a couple ideas but I want to make sure I understand what the pipeline looks like so I don't advise you incorrectly.

    Domo Product Manager for Data Transformation (MagicETL)

  • Shane_Lester99

    I actually abandoned this route to go in a different direction. I appreciate you all helping.