Dataset Alerts without Data Change

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Dataset alerts are triggered if a row is added, updated, or deleted. However, I'm looking to get alerts based on the data, even if the data hasn't changed. Here is the use case:

  1. All active projects are updated in a Domo dataset with a "Due Date" field
  2. Data import is set as "replace" instead of "append" even if there are no changes to any of the fields (I'm not sure if Domo considers this as a row added or no change if all the fields are the same)
  3. I want to trigger an alert if the "Due Date" is in the past.

In this case, the "Due Date" or any other data field hasn't changed, but the comparison date has increased. Is there a way to set up such an alert using Domo?


  • Hi @gsharma since you need some additional logic to look for rows where "Due Date" is in the past, I suggest setting an alert off of a card rather than the dataset. Use this beast mode to count the number of rows where the Due Date is in the past:

    sum(case when `Due Date` >= CURRENT_DATE() then 1 else 0 end)

    Add this beast mode as the summary number on your card and configure the alert to notify you daily if the summary number is greater than zero.

  • gsharma
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    @MichelleH Thanks, that's helpful. However, after adding the new beast mode to the card's Summary, I see this message in the card:

    "Failed to load alert configuration.

    No alertable metrics found on this card. Please add a Summary Number or change chart types and try again."

    Beast Mode count is showing the correct number though. Also, I'm using "Percent Complete Gant" chart.

  • Hi @gsharma could you please share a screenshot of how the card is configured in Analyzer, blocking out any sensitive information?

  • Here you go!

  • @gsharma Thanks for sharing! I don't see anything that would be preventing you from setting up the alert, so this may be an issue for Domo Support.