Workbench 5 - Job Scheduling: Ability to stagger start times?

Our group recently upgraded to Workbench 5. 


In previous versions of Workbench, there was an option to be able to schedule a job to run at a specific time.  For example, Job 1 could be scheduled to start at the top of the hour, Job 2 to begin 10 minutes later, and so forth.


In Workbench 5, the option for scheduling is limited to the top of an hour only.   Suggesions on how to be able to stagger the start time in specific increments?   WB5Schedule.PNG







    There doesn't appear to be a workaround for this currently but you could submit product feedback to request this feature.

  • Any update on this or a work around available?


    Thank you.

  • Jae Wilson
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  • Hi @jaeW_at_Onyx ,


    I do not see anywhere in the documentation how to change the start time of a job?  In WB4 you could choose the start time of jobs so all of the jobs did not run at the exact same time.  How can I schedule a job that runs every hour between 7pm and 3am to run at 5 minutes past the hour instead of on the hour?


    Thank you,


  • Ritwik
    Ritwik Contributor



    I do not think those jobs actually all start at the top of the hour, but during that hour at the same minute the job was first scheduled.


    For example, right now it is 11:09AM here. If I was to set a Workbench job with the schedule for daily at 11:00, the job would actually run at 11:09AM. I believe the same occurs for an hourly schedule -- 11:09, 12:09, 1:09, etc. 


    So, you can stagger the schedule yourself in a manual fashion by **creating** the scheduling in a staggered fashion first.


    This is my understanding of how this works, if someone could confirm, that'd be great! 

  • Hi @Chris_Wolman 


    With WB5 they took away the more detailed scheduling in favor of the "sometime in this hour" schedule. If you really needed it to you could utilize Windows Scheduler to have a more fine tuned schedule which would then call the wb.exe executable telling it to run the job at the specific time you desire.

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  • @Ritwik  - when a job is scheduled to run between specific hours then it appears to run on the hour.  There is no option to say run at 5 minutes past the hour between these hours.


    @GrantSmith - Thanks.  I remember utilizing windows task scheduler in WB4 for more advanced scheduling.  That will most likely be the solution if I need to implement these schedules.


    Thank you.

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