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I am making a dashboard for a call center.  They record things like hold time, call length...lots of time values that have nothing to do with dates.


I am trying to chart the average call lengths by week for this year versus last year.  I am not having any success finding a way to handle this on my own or in the DOJO.


I have a table:


Week Number | 2018 Avg Call Length | 2019 Avg Call Length| Difference


I need to see the years as two lines in a graph as minutes and seconds, with week number as the X Axis and call time as the Y Axis.  I also need to see a bar graph of the difference as minutes and seconds.


Based on my efforts, it appears as if DOMO does not like to visualize time in this way.


How can I make this happen?


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    Hi there, 

    Based on what I am understanding here I would use the "Line + Stacked Bar" visualization. 


    General Properties -> Series on Left Scale = 2

    X AXIS = "Week Number"

    Y AXIS = "2018 Avg Call Length"

    SERIES (1) = "2019 Avg Call Length"

    SERIES (2) = "Difference" 


    *Drag "2019 Avg Call Length" into SERIES position, then drag "Difference" over into SERIES as well


    If that doesn't give you exactly what you want, post a couple of screen shots here and I am happy to take a look.


    I know it is a bit counter intuitive to drag additional value columns into SERIES, hopefully doing so solves this for you. 

    Domo Consultant

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  • That isn't giving the result I am asking about.  Let's ignore the Difference part and just focus on the lines.  I want to be able to show the lines in the format of time, like 1 minute and 35 seconds shows as 01:35.  I also would like the bar graph to show minutes and seconds.


    It is not as important to have the bars and lines in the same graph as it is to bea able to show the minutes and seconds.  I currently have the lines and bars showing the patterns associated with their behavior, but they are not showing minutes and seconds.  So the associated values are not useful to the audience I am providing this for.

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    So you are more concerned with the way the values read.


    You want the Y axis to read this way, and then the lines/diff bar correspond to that?

    "2 minute 00 seconds"

    "1 minute 45 seconds"

    "1 minute 30 seconds"

    "1 minute 15 seconds"

    "1 minute 00 seconds"


    What values are currently in your 2018/9 Average Duration columns? Seconds? 

    Domo Consultant

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  • I want to see time durations as time.  Currently when I try to show that, nothing shows.


    I want to see 01:30, for example.  Just like how you would expect to see time presented.


    Not the words 'minutes ' and 'seconds'.  I want to see time as minutes and seconds, like 01:30 for 1 minute, 30 seconds.  


    90, reporesenting 90 seconds is not an acceptable alternative in this case.

  • Hello.  I am also having a similar situation I am struggling to graph.


    Out of all the donors who gave blood "yesterday", I want to find what the average blood draw time is.


    My thought was to get time duration column as the Y axis and value measure.   Then, for the X Axis, I would use the donation ID's column, and the line from each donation ID would be based on the draw time duration.   Then, I would have a line for the average draw time.  


    When I use draw time as the Y axis, it wants to automatically aggregate to count.  If I change it to "no aggregation" (hoping it would just switch to time) the graph just goes blank.


    I would like to add that the draw time column is a beastmode of time difference of draw start time and draw end time.   it is in a mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss format.   I don't know if this is an important detail.  


    We were able to make a graph where the draw duration was the x axis, and the Y axis counts the number of donation IDs that fall into each draw duration, but this gives us the average number of donations per time slot, instead of the average draw time.


    Here is a sloppy picture of what I was trying to do.



  • I am having a similar problem with trying to visualize time and am not finding any results. Everything works in a table, but not with any other chart types.

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