Filled Gauge Chart Built off Results of Another Card



I'm trying to figure out how I can best make a filled gauge card based off the results of another card (not even sure that is possible). The basic idea is that I'm counting the number of unique dates every month associated with each individual user. So, for example, in July, User A has 3 unique dates associated with them, User B has 2, User C has 2, User D has 1, etc. That's the first card. The filled gauge card I want to show a total of how many of those users have passed a certain threshold. So if a user has 2 or more unique dates associated with them, then the gauge goes up by 1, essentially showing how many of the total users have met the monthly threshold. If I can't build a card off of another card, what might be the best way to do this, in general? Thanks!


  • Would you be willing to post a sample of your data set?  It would be helpful to understand how your data is set up.  This may require you to add a field to the data set instead of just a beast mode calculation.


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  • I've added some images below, hopefully this helps some. I've filtered the data down to just what we need to sort on, and then created a table showing the data sorted out how we want it. The next step is to sum up the Goal Complete column in the second image. That number is what I want to show in the gauge card. Does this help, or are you looking for something else? Thanks!




    Data Setup.PNGData Output 1.PNG

  • Does it have to be a separate card?  You should be able to use the `Goal Complete` field as a summary number.  If it needs to be a second card, then just make sure you save your beastmodes to the data set and you shouldn't have any problems.  


    If you have any issues, would you mind sharing the formula for `Goal Complete`



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