Best of December 2015!


Greetings and Happy 2016!


We finished 2015 on a very strong note kicking off our inaugural Domo Dojo Day event which was a huge success.


@nalbright made a very strong return to the Dojo with some very impressive numbers in December. 29 posts, 1 Accepted solution, 2 ideas posted, 19 likes received and 164 likes given!!!! Way to go!!!


Honorable mention goes out to@RobynLinden and @nick_datasift who received 25 and 24 likes each.


@CoreVest and @CantStopTheHopp were very productive delivering 2 accepted solutions each and receiving 10 likes during December. Thanks guys!


@Godzilla@MReznick@ckatzman@mcoblentz@GIriarte@ej_jodi_k@czmudzinski and @swyatt all delivered one solution to the Dojo.


We received a number of new ideas in December. Leading the pack was @jasoncox with 5, @GIriarte with 4 and @Dan with 3. The following folks all submitted at least one new idea in December:

 @nalbright@ckatzman@RobynLinden@jporras@cpeters@newbie@chappy@MReznick@mcoblentz@theCHIVE@SeanPT@magicdust@tpmonahan@pjulius@Zwright_FA@Shevy@bwolf@gomezican@vkaul. Thanks everyone!


Finally, we have a very promising 2016 ahead. We will hold a shorter more focused Domo Dojo Day later this month and will be kicking off shortly a very exciting contest where our customers can share the best of their Domo experiences to win some big prizes. Details coming very soon. 


As always thank you for your great participation!

All the best for a great 2016!








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