Domo blocked by cloudflare


I am trying to build a new connector but keep getting error code 1010 when trying to authenticate. I have found that it appears to be the service I am trying to connect into are using cloudflare which is blocking DOMO. I have tried a few work arounds (adding things to the headers eg) and get different messages but no success. I can get it working in Postman and curl but not DOMO. The support for the service I am trying to connect to are useless! Has anyone else come across this or have any suggestions?


  • ArborRose

    Sounds frustrating, especially when support isn't helpful. Do you have any access to Cloudflare settings that might be blocking the Domo request? Perhaps you can request whitelisting the Domo IP address?

    I have had issues with connectors in the past where our networks security and firewall were blocking access or ports. Sometimes using specific headers and configures you can bypass some security issues. Also, using a proxy or VPN might help bypass restrictions imposed by Cloudflare.

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  • SimonKing
    SimonKing Member
    edited May 17

    Yes its frustrating, its the cloudflare used by the service I am trying to connect to, so I have no access or control and they are unwilling/unable to help. In their view, as long as a curl command works their system is OK! I can run a curl command on my PC and access OK but its blocking DOMO. Using certain headers I have also got it working in Postman but even using these headers in DOMO, its being blocked. :(