Help with editing code that uses Filter allow


Hi there:


I have data is a list of grants with organization name, grant amount, status of grant.

I have Beast Mode code:

SUM(SUM(requests_amount_recommended) FIXED (BY organizations_id FILTER ALLOW requests_granted))

I think it works - the issue is that it is summing TOO much. Ideally, I want to edit this code so that requests_granted IS TRUE

or another way

not use "requests_granted" and instead use requests_state is "granted" or "closed"

Anybody know how to write that?


  • david_cunningham


    I'm guessing when you say "summing too much" you are referring to the fact that it's aggregating across the entire range, and not that the total value is incorrect.

    Are you saying that you only want to sum when the request_granted is True or request_state is 'granted' or 'closed'?

    If you are saying that you want to subset the total to be split by requests_granted true and false, you can add another layer to the BY portion of your fixed statement.

    SUM(SUM(requests_amount_recommended) FIXED (BY organizations_id,requests_granted FILTER ALLOW requests_granted))

    If this doesn't answer your question, please provide some example data, as well as a mock-up of your desired output/behavior.

    David Cunningham

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  • AngelaO415
    AngelaO415 Member

    Hi @david_cunningham

    The answer to your question below is YES - I'd like either or:

    Are you saying that you only want to sum when the request_granted is True OR request_state is 'granted' or 'closed'?

    Ideally, I like to sum grants by org where the request_state granted' or 'closed' — I believe that is the cleanest.