DomoAI Q&A from Domopalooza

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The product team enjoyed answering questions from the audience during the final session at Domopalooza. Below you will find the answers to all questions related to DomoAI (including those that weren't mentioned on stage).

Q: Will DomoAI train on my data?
A: No Domo will not train on your data. Some of our features will request your feedback to improve the quality of our AI, but we will never train on customer data.

Q: Can Workflow AI components be trained on an existing KB?
A: Yes this is on the roadmap. We will be able to store unstructured data in domo and Utilize it with AI.

Q: Can AI build a chart if I tell AI what I need to be in the chart?
A: Yes AI can. Use AI Chat or AI App Generation and tell AI how to build the chart.

Q: If we have a knowledge base in confluence, how do we use to create chatGPT ddx brick to allow our users to ask questions and get answers?
A: We can use our ai service layer to achieve this. We just released a Domo Brick to do this that.

Q: When using DomoGPT, does it work on specific datasets, or can it query across multiple datasets to find the answer? How does it know which dataset to pull from?
A: We can specify specific datasets to use in the "focus" section. We use what you are looking at to determine the datasets to use for chat. We use AI and column names to find the best datasets. Right now AI will only use 1 dataset to find the answer (multiple datasets on the roadmap).

Q: What is the most interesting or your favorite use case you've come across using Domo + AI?
A: There are some many great usecases. From exploring your data with AI Chat, Deploying custom models and using them in ETL.

Q: When DOMOGPT is available, how user friendly will it be? Specifically, will we need coding knowledge to fine tune DOMOGPT on our data?
A: DomoGPT is coming this summer. You will not need to fine tune DomoGPT to use the model.

Q: What's the best way to present Domo's AI abilities to non-technical executives and sales leaders at my company to prove its value?
A: AI Chat is a great place to start. AI Chat shows how quickly we can gain insights into our data. Showing the AI Service Layer settings are a great way to discuss security and using responsible AI.

Q: How can you making the Universal Models feel like less of a black box?
A: Universal models expose all the parameters and are configurable. Universal Models can be swapped out with your own Model. When swapping the Model you can still leverage all the in-product functionality.

Q: With this AI hype it almost feels like 2010 of BIGDATA hype, How do we manage the expectations around AI with Executive Senior Leadership?
A: The easiest way to set expectations is to define your use case. Many times AI is seen as a "magical" solution that can do everything. And because of this we naturally keep the scope of the work needed very large. Narrowing down our scope and defining one use case is the best way to understand, the work needed, timeline and what is possible in order to set the correct expectations.

Q: When the AI model is switched to HuggingFace or OpenAI from Domo’s in-house model, how is security handled around data sharing with that source? What do they actually see?
A: If a user is using a 3rd party provider, data will be sent to the 3rd party provider. If using your own account for a 3rd party provider, you are responsible for managing your account and staying up-to-date on the 3rd party's SLA's. 

Q: Can I ask Domo.AI questions about any dataset or page?
A: Yes, Domo.AI Chat knows what dataset or page you are looking at or you can manually add additonal focus items. All Domo.AI functions take into account your Domo permissions. If you do not have permissions to a dataset or page you will not be able to use Domo.AI Chat with it.

Q: Can I use my own model in Domo?
A: Yes, Domo Model Management allows users to connect to their model providers and import their models into Domo to use throughout the product. You can create your own custom model in Domo Jupyter. If you don't have any models of your own, Domo has several Universal Models that are available by use.

Q: Will Domo.AI send any data to 3rd party providers?
A: No. The models Domo provides for Domo.AI are hosted by Domo and no data will be sent to 3rd parties. Domo AI Service Layer allows you to swap Domo models for your own. If you wish to use a 3rd party model instead of Domo's provided models, then data will be sent to the 3rd party provider.

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