Hello guys,

I am little confused with how this new nested beast mode function behaves.
My understanding is this was here to help using other beast modes in other calculations easily.

I have a beast mode calc which works perfect:

To prevent me from retyping the case statement above in another beast mode, I could just call the INTERCOMPANY calc. But when I do, it errors out with this error of double referencing.

But if I write out the full case statement for INTERCOMPANY, it works. What is the actual purpose of the nested beast mode function then or am I using the function wrongly?


  • ST_-Superman-_

    It sounds like the error message is saying that you can only reference a single calculated field. Because your calculated field was already referencing another calculated field you were getting the error.

    You have one beastmode, we will call that A. You then have another calculation, B, that references A.

    What the error is suggesting is that you cannot create a third calculation, C, that references B. You can only have two "layers". Hope that helps.

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