Automatic Resizing for Cards in PowerPoint - Office Add-In

When adding cards to slides in PowerPoint using the new Office Add-In, the Domo cards do not automatically resize for the layout. It is necessary to manually resize each card. It would be very useful to add auto-resizing to the new PowerPoint add-in, so it will function like the previous PowerPoint plug-In does.

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  • Hey @Kaylynn !

    Thanks for the idea submission.
    Could you tell me a little bit more about how you'd like the auto-resizing to work?
    Do you have different sets of common sizes that you use, or is it always just one particular layout?

    I'd also love to hear a bit about how you are using the addins to solve your business problems - how often do you use them, what kinds of documents are you making, who are they for, what is the value they provide you and your business?

    The old plugins had the concept of "templates" for layouts of cards, do you feel layouts are a high value feature that you'd like to see make a return - if so, how would you use it?

    Cadell Falconer
    Domo - Senior Technical Product Manager
    Ecosystem, Domo Free & Office Addins
  • Hi Cadell,

    I have sent your questions to our Business Analytics team. They are the main group that uses the PowerPoint plug-in. I will let you know when I have an update.