How do I set up a Beast Mode to count distinct events within a date range?


Hi Domo geniuses,

I have a dataset with a timestamp 'Start' field that tells me the date and time that a user session began. There's another column for User Session ID, which has its own unique ID. I want to count the number of distinct user sessions in the first year but Domo is having difficulty processing the data. The formula validates but I get this error message:

Here's my Beast Mode:

Case When start>= MIN(DATE(Start))AND Start< DATE_ADD(Min(DATE(Start)),INTERVAL 1 Year) THEN COUNT(DISTINCT Session ID) ELSE 0 END



  • ColemenWilson
    edited December 2023

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  • seth_e

    I'm getting a syntax error

  • GrantSmith

    You can't aggregate an aggregate in a beast mode unless you're attempting to use a window or fixed function. Also, you can't compare an individual value to the aggregate of that same value within the same beast mode. Again this can be resolved with a window or fixed function:

    COUNT(DISTINCT CASE WHEN `Start` >= MIN(DATE(`Start`)) FIXED () AND `` < DATE_ADD(Min(DATE(`Start`)) FIXED (), INTERVAL 1 Year) THEN `` END)

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  • seth_e

    Thanks Grant, when I try this I get a syntax error

  • seth_e

    @GrantSmith I fixed the sintax error with the code below but now it's only returning 1 user session per customer, which isn't correct. Any ideas what I can do?

    Case When Start>= MIN(DATE(Start)) FIXED () AND Start< DATE_ADD(Min(DATE(Start)) FIXED (),INTERVAL 1 Year)
    Session ID