Please consider the implementation of a NUMBER_FORMAT function in Beast Mode in the same vein that we have DATE_FORMAT and TIME_FORMAT. This would take a number, and based on parameters, format the number (add thousand separator commas, percent sign, currency sign).

Numerous discussions have been had in the forums about how to use Beast Mode to add commas, dollar signs, percent signs in summary numbers, or in table cards.

As much as I love @GrantSmith a 67 line beast mode to add thousands separator commas feels like a workaround of a solution to a relatively common problem. In addition, I have had to write even more cumbersome Beast Mode statements to satisfy requests when working with the Variables Product when for example, one metric is a currency and the other is a percentage.


  • Love the idea @JasonAltenburg ! I think you intended to make this something for the ideas exchange, but it is just showing up as a regular discussion.

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