How do I filter between 2 timeframes in Magic ETL?

Hey Team! I am trying to filter a dataflow to just show the sales that we had from 10/12/2023 - Current. What filter formula can I use to accomplish this?

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  • Date BETWEEN DATE('2023-10-12') AND TODAY()

    in a filter file with a formula criteria

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  • ColemenWilson
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  • Also, as @GrantSmith pointed out, if you have sales in the future then you would also need to include TODAY() or CURRENT_DATE() or CURDATE() in the formula to prevent records into the future from being included.

    Additionally, on the card you choose date ranges for the data displayed and generally they are:
    -Year to date
    -Month to date
    -Quarter to date

    Applying these ranges would prevent future records from being shown on the card.

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