Variable Example Use Cases

JedP Contributor

The Domo team has created a few example variable pages to help get your ideas started. Here are a few examples of how to use Variables in Domo, these pages are publicly embedded and have links to the variable set up & sample beast mode codes.

Variables General Example Page -

  • Dynamic calculations with dynamic columns - Great for ad hoc analysis.
  • Heat Map with dynamic categories - Great for identifying trends in the data.
  • "What If" target/benchmark calculator - Provides the user the ability to change the target based on column values.
  • Temperature conversions - Quick and easy temperature conversions.

Variables for Period over Period Example Page -

  • Custom date range comparison - This allows full comparison between 2 time frames.
  • Period over period & Year over Year - This uses pre-defined lookback windows to review the data.
  • Dynamic periods - Allows users to swap the axis of a chart between time frames.
  • Exclude last month(s) - Great for delayed data like financial data.