Can I filter just one column in a table without filtering the others?



I have a table like this

I would like to create a table in Domo like this:
Region | Sales HC | Engineering HC

And then add filters like this
Sales HC Stage:
- Ramped
- Un-ramped

Engineering HC Stage:
- Ramped
- Un-ramped

and when filtering for 'Sales HC Stage' ramped & un-ramped and 'Engineering HC Stage' ramped, it would look like this:

So far I've used variables, which worked in a way because they would just filter e.g. the Sales HC column, but with those I would only be able to choose one of the 'Sales HC Stage' filters, and not select multiple.
But when I just use regular filters and I would filter for 'Engineering HC Stage' = Ramped, it would also filter the sales columns to just ramped, which I don't want to happen.

Any ideas on how to solve this?


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