ELSE Part of Beast Mode Not Calcualting Correctly


ELSE portion of Beast Mode Not Calculating Correctly It should be showing 1,015.56 but instead it is showing Zero. You can see the TA Column has broken out the Else Portion of the CASE statement and populates just fine.

CASE WHEN SUM(IFNULL(RevisedEstimatedCost,0)) >= SUM(IFNULL(CASE WHEN SourceCode = 'AP' THEN TransactionAmt END, 0))
THEN (IFNULL(RevisedEstimatedCost,0))
ELSE (SUM(IFNULL(CASE WHEN SourceCode != 'AP' THEN TransactionAmt END, 0)))

This is the data in flat format (NOT IN PIVOT TABLE)


  • jtrollinger

    Disregard! SourceCode should have been = and not !=

  • From what I can see in your flat file, you have 4 rows, 3 which have a SourceCode=AP, and one with a "Blank" source code. There is no TrasnactionAmt for that Blank SourceCode, so it is returning a null, which you convert to 0 with your ifnull.

    If you want the ELSE to return the total of 1,015.56, then remove the case statement in your ELSE and just do a SUM of TransactionAmt.

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  • jtrollinger


    I can not just sum transaction amount I have to take into account source codes. My issue was SourceCode should have been = and not !=