How to make FILTER ALLOW clause dynamic?


Hello all,

I want to make it so that a user can decide on what columns that a particular chart could be filtered on. For example:

SUM(SUM(Website Engagements)) FIXED (FILTER ALLOW (case when Allow Filtering - Website = 'Mobile Device Type' then Mobile Device Type else Mobile Device Type end))

This is a fixed function with the purpose of using a variable called "Allow Filtering - Website" that is a very simple beastmode that just allows the user to be able to filter on Mobile Device Type if they wanted to. The idea is to expand past just one column in the future. But the main issue is that this doesn't work. When I try filtering by mobile device type when this is enabled and the variable selection is on mobile device type then there is still no filtering that happens… Yet, when I hardcode the call to the mobile device type column it works. But I want to make it so it is dynamic

The idea is to allow users the flexibility of choosing which columns they don't want this metric to be filtered by. Any ideas to fix this?





  • GrantSmith

    Have you tried taking the CASE statement outside of your FILTER ALLOW clause and surround your entire fixed window function in the CASE statement based on the variable?

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