Issues with Hovering for Plots Once It is Embedded



I created a hovering feature for one of the plots with linebreaks via a beastmode. The hovering works fine within the Analyzer feature but once I try to embed the card, the linebreaks are removed and I see the '\n' that indicates where I placed the linebreaks. Is this a common embed problem and if so, how can I move past this problem and embed my hovering capability so that it looks how it does in the analyzer?


  • That sounds like a potential bug that you would need to notify support about. You might try leveraging more of the tooltips and other fields available in the hover text macros so that you don't need to build a beast mode with line breaks. You can mix and match text and macros in the hover text and just hit enter to put things on a new line without having to do the \n, which may allow it to work properly when embedding.

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  • marcel_luthi
    marcel_luthi Coach
    edited September 2023

    I would guess you're creating a beast mode that then is being used as a Tooltip to be displayed as the hover text, is this the case? If so, make sure you're entering line breaks as HTML so your beast mode would look like:

    CONCAT('Total: ',SUM(`value`),'<br>','Count: ',COUNT(`Id`))

    This is just an example since we don't know what your beast mode looks like right now.

  • Hi Marcel,

    The beastmode works fine outside of it being embedded but once it is embedded, the linebreaks are not working.

  • Hi Mark,

    I notified support. Unfortunately, I have to do this within a beastmode due to 3 tooltip options not being enough for the report that I am generated.