Pivot Table for Text instead of Values

I'd like to request an option for a pivot table to contain text instead of values. This way I can have a rank 1-10 as the rows, weeks as the columns and the name as the values and then I can watch how the values shift in rank over the weeks. I.e. week 1, Person A was ranked 10, then they bumped up to rank 5 the next week, then down to 6 the following week, etc.



  • GrantStowell
    GrantStowell Domo Moderator

    Hey @Juliann_Potter!

    This would be perfect to post in the Ideas Exchange here on the community forum. When you post an idea in the Ideas Exchange, other users can upvote it and help boost its visibility. This is the best way to get your recommendations seen by our product team.

  • @Juliann_Potter if you already have an ETL that returns you the rank of each user each week like this:

    then you can achieve what you want with a pivot table, but instead of using one of the predefined aggregations, you'll need to create a beast mode and use that as your value, something like


    would do the trick and produce the following outcome:

    If multiple people might end up with the same rank, you might wan to use LISTAGG as your function instead to put a comma separated list of names when multiple users might match for the same rank in the same week.

    Hope this helps :)