Publication Group People Administration - Reorder People and Search by Filters and Values

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We use publication groups (pub groups) to display our field rep data. We have several different types of users (basic technicians, territory managers, customer support, etc.) with similar, but different filters. People appear in order of creation and this order cannot be changed. This gets frustrating because I have set up the pub group in order of user type. If we add a new territory or technician then this screws up the order. Additionally, you can "add people" without having a person to link that permission set to. This can be convenient if we have an opening that will be filled soon, which will mean we won't need to recreate permissions on that user.

I would like to have a feature that allows us to reorganize people after they are created. If we could get a drag-and-drop type functionality, that would be ideal.

I'd also like the ability to search people records based on the pub group's available filters. This would make it easier to track down specific permission sets instead of scrolling through all people.

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