Case statement

Case when Toggle = 'Key Brand' then (
case when Brand = 'BL' THEN 'BL'
when Brand = 'SC' then 'SC'
when Brand = 'RC' then 'RC'
when Brand = 'RO' then 'RO'
when Brand = 'PU' then 'PU'

   else 'OTHER BRANDS'


I am trying to use this case statement to make it react to toggle but i want to find a way around other brands. I dont want to categorize everything else into other brands and want to show just these 5 brands. I cant filter them because the beast mode cant be used as a filter as it has case statements for other toggles too



  • @domoexpert Can you please share some more context on how you are using this beast mode in your card(s)? How do you want the cards to react when the value of "Toggle" is changed?