Brand Kit Improvements

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The Brand Kit seems to be a bit of a sledgehammer at the moment and doesn't offer very granular control over the elemnts in the UI; not just colors. For example, we would love the ability to control the logos that display within a Subscriber environment, so our clients that use them feel like they're in a familiar location and see their own organization's branding. Currently, the only way to remove Domo logos from the Subsriber environments is to drop the entire top navigation element from the UI.

The problem with that is you lose access to most of the functionality that's in the that header element including the ability to view your User Profile or execute an explicit logout. The inability to log out is probably the most immediate thing that'd be great to see fixed, because it creates significant and legitimate concerns from a security persepctive, since I can not explicitly end my session and must depend on an idle timeout to log me out.

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