How do I allow users to share pages (vs. just cards) w/o Manage All permission?


Hi folks -

My company whitelabels Domo as an offering within our software to allow our customers to report on their data from our product. Each customer has their own subscriber instance that we push a pre-defined set of data sets and dashboards to.

I have a Customer Editor role, which grants the "Edit Cards" and "Edit Pages" permissions. I specifically do not want this role to have the "Manage all Cards, Pages, and Data apps" permission. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only way to allow a user to share a Page, even one they themselves created.

I'm logged in as a user named Alane. Under this user I created a simple Page called New Dashboard. Alane is the owner of the Page but there is no option to share it. The user can share the individual Card on the Page, but not the Page itself, which seems silly.

Alane has "can share" permission of the data set that underlies the one Card on the Page.

If I log in as someone with a role that includes the "Manage all Cards, Pages, and Data apps" permission, I'm able to share Alane's Page.

What am I doing wrong? Why can someone not share a Page that they created but can share the underlying Cards? I really can't give the "Manage all Cards, Pages, and Data apps" permission to our end users, lest they make changes to the dashboards we sell with the offering.

Has anyone else run into this? Any suggestions?


  • ST_-Superman-_
    edited April 2023

    You must be missing something else. I have a "Priveleged" user role in the instance which does not have the managa all cards grant.

    However, I can still share a dashboard that I created:

    I would confirm that your Custom Editor role has that "Edit Pages" grant:

    I'm guessing that it works similar to the Edit Cards grant and also allows the user to share pages to which they have access to

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  • Mary_Moilanen

    Interesting… my user has both Edit Cards and Edit Pages and still can't share something they own.

  • Mary_Moilanen

    This got me curious, so I did an experiment and gave my user every permission EXCEPT Manage all Cards, Pages and Data apps, and they STILL couldn't share their own dashboard! Guess it's off to Support!

  • Mary_Moilanen
    Mary_Moilanen Member
    edited June 2023

    FYI in case anyone else comes across this - Support confirmed this was expected behavior for Domo Everywhere users. Users can share cards with the Edit Cards permissions but cannot share dashboards unless they have the Manage all Cards Pages and Data Apps permission.