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Use Case: Client access and Reporting through Domo

Hi Domo Team,

Through the exploration of the use of Publication Groups in Domo, we noticed that there are some features from an end-user perspective in the Publication Group that we had questions about. We ended up following this guidance -

Our use case here is to provide access to external users to see reports. We noticed, in cases where someone can navigate to the customer site - a published group member can see other published group members' information through Buzz and a couple of other settings features. We have concerns that users can see other users' names and email addresses, we saw that invites can be sent and although a user is unable to access them based on domain restrictions, this was still kind of weird. Our questions are:

Is it possible to limit what the published group member can see? Can we limit the username, and email from being seen by other published group members?

Can we turn off the Buzz feed?

Can we be notified if a published group member accesses the customer domain?

Thank you for the help and information! - Kevin


  • ksquared

    What other ways can we limit users from seeing others' information?

    I know Domo Publish and Dataset Copy connector are options, although we have tried them. The question there is if we were to create a new instance, would the same issue come up? How would we totally eliminate an external user from seeing another external user's information (name, contact information, and chat).