Improve the error messages in the History Details within a Dataset

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Nowadays, when a dataset does not run properly, we are used to seeing this usual error message:

However, the error message is so simple that each time I get this error I need to create a Domo support ticket so that they can send me the backend error message with full details in order to overcome the issue/blocker.

Just imagine the quantity of times I get this error and how many support tickets I need to create. For now I have opened around 3.

Hence, my idea is that the Product team could take this into account so that Domo can show, not only the error message shown above in the image, but also the detailed backend error.

This will allow to:

  1. Resolve the issue/blocker for ourselves without any external help.
  2. We would not need to create a Domo support ticket and wait for a revision/research/reply.

Thank you very much! :)

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