Workbench dataset stuck in "preparing" Status


Rarely, we will see that there is a scheduled run from the Domo Workbench that is stuck in a "preparing" status on the dataset. In the event that this does occur, there are a few steps to perform that may help with resolving this issue.

1) If the job is still showing a 'Running' Status on Workbench, stop the job from the Workbench console. This will ensure that the job will not complete its run as well as cancel any progress.

2) From the workbench side, update the jobs run schedule to 'Manual' then save the job. Now update the job again to reflect the original schedule for that job and save.

3) Now, attempt to run the job again. You should see that the job will complete successfully and this will reflect on the dataset side as well.

If this does not resolve your issue, please reach out to Domo Support with screen captures of the error and the Workbench Log files, and they will be able to provide additional assistance.