Admin Control on of People Bulk Export

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Case Number 05843335 was recently submitted to ask about the fixed columns in the Admin Governance People Bulk Export. Domo confirmed the export columns are fixed, regardless of what filters are applied.

Using filters to control the export columns would help manage people records for different purposes.

Here is an example for an environment configured with SAML/SSO for user access based on AD security group memberships:

  1. Policy - Revoke security group memberships for inactive users in the last six moths, and delete corresponding Domo People records.
  2. Set a People Bulk Export for email addresses, role, and last activity
  3. Filter exported records by last activity older than policy inactivity time measure
  4. Delete members of AD security groups for filtered records in step 3.
  5. Optional (based on policy) - Delete domo People records for filtered data in step 3. This would ensure clean People records within Domo, but it is not required for environments using SAML/SSO for user authentication. Also, content owners may need to be reassigned.

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