PDP - Effect of adding 'Everyone with DataSet access' to a policy

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Is someone able to help describe the effect of adding 'Everyone with DataSet access' to a PDP policy?

It appears the 'add everyone' option is only available when adding a new PDP policy to a dataset. For example, the 'Add groups & people' dialog for the new policy indicates: 'No one is in this policy. Add specific people and groups or add everyone'.

We had a situation where 'Everyone with DataSet access' was added via PDP to one of the input datasets used in a DataFusion, and a 'Participant' User with access to the All Rows policy of the DataFusion was not able to view the Cards using the DataFusion.

I'm wondering which Users Domo treats as the applicable universe of Users when 'Everyone with DataSet access' is added via a PDP policy?

Also, whether someone can help provide some example use cases for using 'Everyone with DataSet access' in a PDP policy?

Thank you.



  • GrantSmith

    Did that user have access to the data fusions / was the data fusion shared with them?

    "Everyone with DataSet access" should include everyone who has the dataset shared with them.

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  • dclemenson

    The user had been added to the All Rows policy of the data fusion. 'Everyone with DataSet access' was added to a dataset that was used as input to an ETL, and that ETL's output dataset was one of 3 input datasets to the data fusion. Once 'Everyone with DataSet access' was removed from the upstream input dataset, the user was able to view cards using the data fusion.

    Would still like to understand which users are included via the 'Everyone with DataSet access' option--does it only include users with data center access (i.e., Admin, Privileged, Editor), or also all users consuming the data via cards (i.e., Participant, Social).

    Appreciate your time.