Convert all dates to last day of year

I am trying to convert all my dates to the last day of the year in a beast mode. I have a column in my dataset that is already showing the year for the data and have tried this

STR_TO_DATE( CONCAT(`YEAR`,'-',12,'-',31),' %Y-%m-%d ')

It doesn't seem to work. Any help would be appreciated



  • Not sure if it was a typo or not... but you have some commas in strange places. Try this:


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  • @apatten You also had spaces extra spaces in your date format qualifiers, which would prevent it from recognizing the dates. @ST_-Superman-_ 's formula should fix that.

  • For another option:

    STR_TO_DATE(`y` + 1, '%Y') - 1

    '%Y' - defaults to the first of the year

    +1 Add a year

    -1 Subtracts a day

    y here is the year in integer format.

    In other words, it's converting the given year to be the first day of the next year then subtracting 1 day to get the last day of the given year

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