Disabling In-App Dark Mode for iOS

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I would like to put through a proposal for the Domo mobile app team to enable Turn Off Dark Mode in the app itself. This allows iOS users to continue to use the phone in dark mode and have the Domo app itself excluded.

This is a very basic feature for many other applications in the app store so I hope this can be looked at and roll out easily.

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This setting is available for all users. Under the menu in your app you can go to Menu>Settings>Appearance (Light/Dark)


  • erikjamesmason

    we had a big ruckus from our end users on this issue, which is understandable as this should be a standard feature. When we contacted support, we were told that this is expected functionality and that there was no intention to develop anything to accommodate this feature. This is a highly unfavorable response to a request for something that is fairly basic and standard.

  • EdgarChieng247

    I completely agree @erikjamesmason the only option right now is to add colors to the individual cards in the dashboard (as they default to clear background) but we have like hundreds of dashboards and thousands and thousands of cards, so doing this for each card is not possible.

  • Edgar_Movius

    I wonder if there is any update to this?

  • Captain
    Captain Domo Employee

    Thanks for the suggestion! Looks like the general ideas here are correct: Apple allows a pretty easy implementation for overriding the OS’s UserInterfaceStyle provided throughout the app. I’ll get this on my road map and implemented. It’ll show up in settings here in our next couple of releases.