Assigning people based on the ZIP

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I'm coming with a following question. I'm working with inconsistent dataset. My Domo dataset has an individual assigned to a sale based on the ZIP within a region, which is incorrect. Within that region there is more than 1 person who sales there, that info is based on the ZIP code. I have the correct ZIP code file in excel with a proper person assigned to a proper ZIP code. How can I introduce those changes in Domo so that I can display different people's sales based on their ZIP code from the Excel file?



  • It sounds like you want to do a left join using either DataFusion/Blend or Magic ETL.

    Based on your question, it's a little unclear what you want to keep from the first dataset and what you want to drop, but both options give you the ability to drop columns from either the left or right dataset.

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    @DavidChurchman from my original domo set I want to drop the sales person name when the ZIP code from the excel I uploaded manually doesn't match the name of a person assigned to a correct ZIP, does that make sense?