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We need to have conditional filter options to be set on cards that allow multiple wildcard text combination to be preset. At the moment you have 2 options to apply filter:

  1. Selection - checkbox filter by each existing value as per the data
  2. Match Values - enter keyword condition

No. 2 however only accept 1 keyword condition, it would be extremely powerful if we can have more than 1 keyword condition as that allows for future value that is not yet in the current dataset to be pre-set before hand so we don't have go back to each cards to update the filter when those value does become available.

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  • EdgarChieng247

    This is how Google's Looker does it currently -

    and this is the syntax format for the above:

    This will be extremely helpful to be able to add filters to value which:

    1) Not yet shown up in the dataset but we want to add the condition anyway for if it does appear in the future

    2) Words grouping - the current Contain filter option in Domo cards only allow 1 word, instead of words grouping, or multiple of words grouping

  • kory_wagenbach

    I agree this would be very helpful. If nothing else, at least being able to use wildcards in the selection filtering so you don't have to search multiple times when you could search once with wildcards included. Another related helpful feature would be to have a 'Select All' option for the selection filtering after you apply a search so you don't have to select each line individually from the search results. The 'Select All' option is there before you search, but after you search that option disappears…..maybe this is a bug??